Kevin Miller reports on the slick road conditions in the Treasure Valley this morning.  He updates folks on the Michael Cohen plea deal.  Kevin Miller then looks at the current controversy involving the funding border wall.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who support the president's proposal on the budget.   Today's guests:  6:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso says United Airlines flight attendants are on-strike but they're calling it a protest ; 7 a.m. - Economic advisor to President Trump, Steve Moore discusses a possible government, so-called "shut down"  He promotes his new book Trumponomics.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Moore review what's next for the economy and the markets. ; 8 a.m. - Mens Rights advocate from a , Karen Straughan says she has an issue with Sen. Gillibrand's recent statement that, "the future is female" ; 8:35 a.m. - Fox News' Simon Owen reports British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a vote of confidence.

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