Nate Silvester has broken his silence since being fired by the Bellevue Marshall's Office. In an exclusive interview with our own Sean Hannity, Nate told Sean what happened. " I'm the latest target of cancel culture. None of my other videos mattered; it wasn't until my Lebron James Tik Tok video that got a lot of attention that they came up with disciplinary action."

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During the Sean Hannity Show on the Fox News Channel Thursday night, Silvester did tell the host that he was considering suing the city of Bellevue. Silvester appeared along with Conservative Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce.

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Silvester commented on his future on whether he'll pursue a career in law enforcement, go into comedy or move to a state that supports its police officers. "I definitely would consider that and have considered that; I've gotten multiple offers from different agencies and elected officials from all over the country and would consider it. "

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Will Silvester sue the city of Bellevue? He did tell Sean Hannity that he was meeting with his attorney Thursday night to consider all options. Whether or not police officers should be creating videos in response to social events will be a challenge for departments across the country.

On a personal note, I believe that our great state of Idaho is the most pro-law enforcement state in the country. One city's decision to fire a deputy/officer should not tarnish an entire state's support for our brave men and women of law enforcement. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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