Call me crazy, but who would've ever thought that face masks would be the big thing in fashion six months ago? Now, if you're not wearing a face mask outside or inside, you're subject to being masked shamed. Some states require you to wear a mask. If you're caught outside without one, you will be fined. Thankfully, we live in Idaho, and so far, covers are optional.
Dr. Fauci was recently caught in a mask controversy. Fauci admitted that he initially told the public that masks were unnecessary. He revealed that he was worried about the medical folks not having the necessary protective equipment to protect themselves.

So should you don the mask? It's up to you. Some folks go overboard by wearing gloves and other gear. Contrast that with people that run wild and free without any thought of protecting themselves or others. I'm becoming a fan of mask-wearing. If nothing else, people can't tell if you're smiling at their expense. A little protection for yourself and others can go along with protecting all of us against the virus.

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