Tom Brady is a winner.  He's won more Super Bowls than any quarterback in NFL History.  He's a polarizing figure in sports.  Now a new charge that has everyone scratching their heads.  Newest face of white supremacy: Tom Brady In case you weren't sure who to blame next - a professor says Tom Brady is really only popular because of "white rage and white supremacy." University of Rhode Island kinesiology professor Kyle Kusz has published a book titled: "Making American White Men Great Again: Tom Brady, Donald Trump, and the Allure of White Male Omnipotence in Post-Obama America."

Fox News reports Kusz highlights a 2015 Under Armour commercial saying it "would not seem out of place in Leni Reifenstahl's infamous Nazi propaganda film." The commercial featured an infinitely multiplied Tom Brady with the tagline "Rule Yourself." Kusz also more directly calls Brady racist by alleging that the quarterback mostly only hangs out with white teammates.  Not mentioned by the author, was that Tom Brady offered troubled former NFL receiver Antonio Brown a place to stay when the Patriots acquired him briefly before cutting him due to multiple sexual assualt allegations.

Never mind the six rings, three MVPs, 14 Pro Bowls, and an undefeated regular season (2007 before losing in the Super Bowl). Have you heard anything more ridiculous today? Do you think it will be difficult to continue to advance race relations if people attempt to profit from division?


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