President Trump is known for building a great team that prides itself on continuity. It is not unusual to see folks that have worked for the former president for years and years within the Trump organization. CEO Trump's hotel group and most famous properties is leaving Washington DC to move to Boise, Idaho.


Eric Danziger, the head of the former president's hotel group, told Trump employees that he was leaving to pursue family obligations in Boise, Idaho. The New York Times reports Danziger will be working for the Braintree Group in Boise and has a home and family here. He began his career with the Trump Organization in 2015.  

Danzinger began his career as a hotel busboy, eventually working his way up to the highest level of hotel operations.  The Braintree Group began as a family venture. It is now a group of companies that work on multi-family projects, education, hospitality, and technology. says that Braintree Properties is a commercial real estate and development company with $1.6 billion in business. The former Trump CEO told the magazine he's excited about the opportunity in Boise.  “Leading new business lines and growing the one I am most familiar with presents an exciting opportunity,” he said via email to the publication on Tuesday. “The firm plans very aggressive and ambitious growth. In addition to ground-up development of the various businesses, single asset and portfolio acquisitions are and will be pursued.”

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