Are you a fan of Tetris? Perhaps you like solving jigsaw puzzles or are a big fan of mazes. Whether you're driving in Boise, Meridian, or anywhere within the Treasure Valley, chances are you won't get there without massive delays and endless loops of orange cones.

Idaho's population continues to surge, yet our infrastructure is struggling to keep up, failing to provide adequate and safe transportation. The irony is not lost on those who have relocated from high-traffic states. They used to chuckle at our traffic, but now they find themselves in the same frustrating situations they left behind in California, Washington, and Oregon.

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Traveling throughout the Treasure Valley can be a nerve-wracking experience. One minute you're driving at the required speed limit and then boom, you've got to swerve stop from hitting a massive wave of orange cones, three lanes become one and suddenly you're late to work, home, or church.

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Officials continue to tell us these traffic adjustments are necessary. Businesses in Idaho's largest city, Boise, are in danger of closing due to customers unable to reach their businesses.

No one challenges the new rules of the road that make driving through Boise so perilous. Would it be too much to ask of the people that we elect to make these decisions to be competent or considerate of Idaho drivers?

Subdivisions are replacing farms at an exponential rate. More homes mean more people continue to stress our infrastructure. Micron's expansion will bring at least fifteen thousand people to the Treasure Valley.

Is there a solution? Idaho leaders can't afford to wait to invest in a massive consumer-focused transportation initiative. Who will step up to save Idaho commuters.?

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