"How much does it snow here"? Seems to be a big question Idaho's newest residents are asking, and what do you need to prepare for winter? Here's what you need to know!

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If you moved here in the Spring or Summer of 2021, you may not have dealt with a Treasure Valley winter yet. We have so many new transplants in the valley... Maybe you're from California, Arizona, quite a few Vegas transplants, some Floridians I know of and others who may not have dealt with real winters before. Or, maybe you're from Alaska or Minnesota and you're a winter expert. What really goes down in Boise? How many times does it snow? How overwhelming is it? I'll tell you this... I'm originally from Las Vegas and have spent two winters here and have only had to shovel my driveway once (yes, that was an experience).

Here it is in statistics: According to bestplaces.net, Boise gets 18 inches of snow per year, and the national average is 28. So you might have thought to yourself: "Idaho is pretty far North, so it's gotta be snowy." But, we are in the Treasure Valley, a valley, in what's technically a desert. Not a Las Vegas like desert, but a desert nonetheless. There's enough winter precipitation to warrant blowing out your sprinklers, having a snow shovel on hand, some all weather tires and those silly chains that hang from our houses, but other than that, expect just a few good snows each year, nothing life changing. For more on winter in the Treasure Valley, check out local realtor Greg Langhaim's new YouTube video, where he gives a much more detailed breakdown of what to expect. And when will we see our first snow? Read more about that here.

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