One local Treasure Valley school district has announced that they will end their mask mandate.

The Idaho Press reports that the Middleton School District will not require students, teachers, and administrators to wear masks while on campus. The district will allow folks to continue to wear masks. The report states that individuals can still be asked to put on a mask if asked by a staff member.

The vote was 4-1, seemingly echoing the mood of many in the Gem State that the time for mask mandates are over. Idaho Governor Brad Little refused to issue a state mask mandate despite pressure from the Idaho Media. Central District Health lifted their mask mandate a few months ago, and we are seeing more and more local businesses not requiring masks to do business.

Schools across the state continue to reopen as the school year comes to an end. Masks have not been popular with a specific segment of the Idaho population. Idahoans have taken to talk radio to complain about being forced to wear a mask. Recently, a statewide mask burning event was held to send a message to our politicians. Others see mask mandates as a way to keep people safe from the virus.

Initially, the public was told not to wear a mask because masks were not effective in preventing the Covid virus. Doctor Anthony Fauci said that wearing two or three masks would be more effective in avoiding Covid infection. Middleton's move is a welcomed move and signals that Idaho is slowly moving back to a pre-Covid world.

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