Here's the latest Treasure Valley Weather Forecast for the Christmas Weekend.  Will there be a White Christmas?  Here's a hint, get your shovel ready!

If you're still inside, better grab some hot chocolate or coffee, it's going to be a long morning.  Chances are that you'll have some shoveling to do before you hit the road.  The picture above was from my Christmas Eve Morning shoveling this morning.  So will the snow continue?  Here are the answers thanks to our news partners as

Snow will continue throughout the morning and eventually turning into a snow/rain mix this evening.  Christmas Morning should be clear but very cold.  The early week weather looks like it will be clear and cold.

Are you missing those triple digit Summer days?  I'm sure the folks as Bogus and Brundage are happy!  The good news is that we can finally enjoy the song White Christmas with a real White Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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