The Treefort Music Festival is a true grassroots Idaho success story. What began as a vision of three young Idahoans has blossomed into a national event attracting artists, musicians, and anyone else to Boise. There are now so many 'forts' that we can't list them all in this article. The festival has successfully resisted attempts to make it more of a commercial event.

How Treefort Began?

Years ago, Tommy Alhquist and I hosted a podcast called Inspire Excellence.  The podcast profiled many folks within the community who have and continue to make a difference.  We had a chance to interview the three founders of Treefort who shared how it all began from bootstrapping to its current global success.  You can hear and see the interview below.

Last year, the music festival was canceled due to Covid. The organizers decided to go ahead this year, and it's underway in downtown Boise. Treefort's return has caused many to question why it's happening, considering Idaho is in the Crisis Standards of Care protocol?

Treefort expects to welcome over 400 acts from all over the world.  Did the organizers insist that everyone who is performing at the show, artists, management, and crew be vaccinated?  If so, that's a heck of an accomplishment that exceeds anything we've seen at the state and local level.

There has been no outcry from public health officials or the media critical of Treefort or Boise State Football. Even though the state has received national attention for the lack of essential resources?

The show must go on; it would seem, when it comes to significant events. We haven't heard Boise Mayor Lauren McLean advising folks to avoid the so-called 'super spreader event?' Instead, the media promotes the event as if the pandemic is not going on and life has returned to normal.



The same media that continually tells Idahoans that we are in a state of crisis.  The conflicting messages need to stop.  You can't have it both ways and keep your credibility.

Check This Out: Events That Aren't Concerts at Treefort 2021

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