As most Americans enjoyed Labor Day weekend, President Trump was getting ready for a historic month filled with challenges and dangers to our way of life.  Labor Weekend marks the end of Summer for most Americans.  Time to put away the grill and water skis, and get ready for raking leaves and winter chores. However, there are many life changing challenges facing the President of the United States of America.

President Trump is arguably the first Independent President elected. Presidents usually have the backing of their political party. In Trump's case, he smacks GOP Leaders just as much as he does the Democrats. Without any backup, politically the president has a less margin of error than any of his modern day predecessors.
The president's team has gotten good marks for their handling of the damage of Hurricane Harvey. The recovery efforts will take years and billions of dollars. It will take a lot of negotiation to get that deal done.
Both Congress and the White House will have to work together to avoid another government shutdown. The debt ceiling will have to be raised by the end of the month. If not, the American Government will run out of money. That will lead to chaos in the world financial markets.
Trump's biggest challenge will be dealing with North Korea. The North Korean leader continues to fire missiles while developing a nuclear program. They tested a hydrogen bomb over the weekend. South Korea responded by conducting war games simulating a response to a North Korean attack.
The president inherited this situation from the incompetence of his predecessors. The chances of the war continuing on the Korea Peninsula have never been higher. It will take historical leadership from the president to solve that problem along with the ones described above.

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