President Trump exacted his revenge on his former attorney general Jeff Sessions failed to reclaim his old Senate seat in the Alabama GOP runoff on Tuesday. Sessions had been vilified by President Trump for starting the investigation by recusing himself early in the administration.  The former senator lost to a former college football coach named Tommy Tuberville.  By the way, Tuberville coached at Auburn, not Alabama.  The former Auburn coach was backed by President Trump.  Tuberville will now move on to face Democratic Senator Doug Jones in November.

I've known Jeff Sessions for years.  As a young talk show host in Alabama, he always treated my with respect.  Sessions was the first senator to endorse Donald Trump when no other GOP Senator would touch him.  Sessions was one of the most conservative and respected senators in Congress.

This was Sessions' first loss in his 30-year political career in Alabama.  Sessions took over as Trump's first attorney general when he took office.  But after he recused himself from an investigation into Russia's election meddling, Trump hurled public attacks at Sessions, who then resigned in 2018.  The president has his highest state approval rating in Alabama.

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