Steve Bannon now finds himself in an unusual situation, he's the target of intense criticism, from the man he helped get elected, President Donald Trump. The president is upset with his former adviser due to comments Bannon has made in a new upcoming book, Fire, and Fury.

One of the revelations is that Bannon called the meeting between the Russians and members of the Trump inner circle treasonous and unpatriotic, according to the Guardian.

The Breitbart Cheif held nothing back in his review of his time on the campaign trail and with the administration. Bannon says that firing FBI Director, James Comey was a mistake. He believes that the White House hopes for a quick resolution of the investigation.

President Trump wasted no time in responding to Bannon's public comments. He told released a statement saying that Bannon was fired and had little to do with helping elect the president. He continued to say that his former advisor has lost his mind.

The president continued saying that the American people elected him and that Bannon only pretends to be at war with the media. What do you think? I'd like to hear what you have to say Thursday morning on KIDO Talk Radio.


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