Regardless of who wins or loses, this will be the last campaign for President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Most adults in their seventies look forward to days at the beach. These two modern marvels live to work. However, it all ends on Tuesday. The contrast transcends their respective political parties.Biden, the career politician who somewhat later collected large sums of money that exceed those of most career civil servants. Trump the relentless marketing entrepreneur who is the most unlikely politician in American History.

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Win, lose or draw, we've had a memorable ride in Covid times. Biden is spending most of his time in the basement relying on bad news, the Obamas, and the media narrative to carry him to victory. Trump defies the odds by engaging in the most aggressive cross country campaign tour that the country has ever encountered.

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His time in the hospital recovering from Covid only energized him to continue to make his case to the American People. Experts often ask, 'how bad do you want it?' Covid could not contain the president from the trail.

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The final push is this weekend, and the battleground polls are tightening. The press said it was over weeks ago. So what's happened? The damaging report from Fox News and the New York Post concerning Hunter Biden's adventures are starting to resonate with the voters. Joe Biden's comments on fracking have caused him to slip in crucial states like Pennsylvania and Texas.

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Is America ready to go back to the Obama Economy? Thursday's economic report helps the president.  Let's hope the election is decided Tuesday night. The country deserves a clear legitimate winner.


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