Kevin Miller begins the program by taking calls concerning a recent decision by Judge Winmill regarding an inmate that was born a man, but is suing the state to become a woman.  He wants the state to pay for it and Idaho is refusing to pay for his surgery.  Several people called in voicing their disapproval of the judge's decision.  Kevin Miller reports on over 81 subpoenas being issued by the House Democrats.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners supporting President Trump.  Today's guests;  6:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Tonya J Powers reports a Mardi-Gras tradition may be discontinued due to the “black-face” issue ; 7 a.m. – Idaho Dist 1 Rep. Heather Scott with an Idaho Legislature update.  Representative Scott reveals why the repeal of the grocery tax hasn't happened and the status of several bills.  She says the funding of Medicaid expansion will happen at the end of the session when everyone is tired and wants to go home.  ; 7:35 a.m. – Fox News’ Jeff Monosso reports a Stage 1 beef recall will affect the entire nation ; 8 a.m. – Idaho entrepreneur Jesse Roberts talks about her brand, “Cheeky’s” , her book, Backroads Boss Lady and much more.  She tells Kevin Miller why she loves Idaho and how she's helping to improve her hometown of New Plymouth. ; 8:35 a.m. – Jon Decker from Fox News Radio reports live from the White House.

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