Today’s guests:  6 a.m. – Boston radio talk show host Gary Goldman with an East-Coast take on the Mueller Report.  Kevin Miller replays several news clips of media and politicians predicting the end of the President Donald Trump.  Several Treasure Valley Listeners call in to say that Comey, McCabe, and the other conspirators should be prosecuted.  Kevin Miller reports on the debate in the Idaho Legislature over the quote Initiative Bill.  A large number of people have testified that the bill will limit the power of the people to enact new laws in Idaho. ; 6:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland has reaction to the Mueller report ; 7 a.m. – Cassie Smedile from the Republican National Committee reviews the Mueller report and the continuing Democrat opposition to Trump.  She shares with Kevin Miller her thoughts on the 2020 Democratic Candidates who are running for the presidency.   ; 7:35 a.m. – Fox News’ Tonya J Powers reports the bump-stock ban is now in effect. Kevin Miller opened up the phone lines and took calls from listeners complaining about their Second Amendment rights being taken away by the oppressive government. ; 8 a.m. – Watergate-era Federal Prosecutor David Dorsen promotes his new book, Moses Vs. Trump: A Contemporary Novel .  Mr. Dorsen told Kevin Miller that he believe Mueller would find something on Trump.  He admitted that he was wrong and shared his extensive experience in the legal arena.

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