Kevin Miller begins today's show by reviewing last night's Idaho Gubernatorial Debate.  He shares the sound from a moment when the candidates were asked about negative ads.  Several folks call in to share their thoughts on who they thought one last night's action.  Today's guests: 7 a.m.- Geologist Gregory Wrightstone promotes his new book, Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn't Want You To Know  Kevin Miller takes calls with Greg about Global Warming and Chem Trails.  A spirited conversation ensues with the listeners.   7:35am – State Rep. Luke Malek from Coeur d’Alene updates his campaign to become Idaho’s next U.S. Congressman ; 8 a.m. – Youth Coach Scott Paly promotes his new book,  Get It Together: Cultural And Practical Tips To Be A Successful Adult ; 8:20am – Gubernatorial candidate Rep Raul Labrador critiques his performance in last night’s IPTV debate.  Kevin Miller continues to take calls from listeners who critique the candidates.  They share with Kevin Miller their thoughts on what happens next before the primary.

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