Today's guests:  6 a.m. - HGTV star Luke Caldwell joins Kevin for the hour to discuss "Boise Boys", the house-flipping show he does with Clint Robertson .  Luke goes indepth about his family and why they've adopted several children from other countries.  Luke explains who he and Clint met and how their business continues to grow.  Kevin Miller and Luke look at the future of the show and when will it be renewed for season three.  Luke gives prospective house flippers tips on how they can make money in the ever hot Treasure Valley Housing Market.  ; 7 a.m. - Former Idaho First Lady Lori Otter calls in and shares what she's been up for the past couple of years.  Mrs. Otter reviews her life in public both as Idaho's first lady and when she and now former Governor Otter were serving in Congress.  Lori Otter explains why so many people are moving to the Treasure Valley.  She shares that one day she could run for office. ; 8 a.m. - Middle East expert and journalist Michael Friedson discusses his news website, The Media Line.  He joins Kevin Miller live from Israel.  He tells Kevin Miller that it is a very safe place to live.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Friedson review the international situation involving the country of Iran.  Kevin Miller takes calls on what our policy in the Middle East should be in the near future.  He reminds folks to check out the KIDO Talk Radio App.

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