Kevin remembers the events of 09/01/11 - 17 years ago.  6:35am - Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers reports live from the 9-11 memorial in downtown Manhattan.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners recalling where they were when the attacks on September 11th occurred.  Several Treasure Valley residents shared how the day changed America and their lives.

Kevin Miller reported on what it was like to be the first local show in America, outside of New York City, to broadcast from Ground Zero.  His work resulted in over twenty volunteers serving the rescue workers at Ground Zero.

Kevin Miller continued to take calls and reflected on how the country has changed in seventeen years.  A few folks called in to say that they believe the attacks on September Eleventh were orchestrated by the United States Government.  Some listeners expressed their concern about the 'open border' policy of the previous administration under former President Obama.

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