Today's guests ; 6 a.m. – Rachel Bovard of the Conservative Partnership says Republicans in Congress may finally help President Trump with a border wall.  Rachel and Kevin Miller discuss the future of Conservatism in the nation and the Republican Party. ; 6:35am – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland reports Sen Elizabeth Warren has proved herself wrong about being Native American.  Kevin Miller reports on last night's gubernatorial debate hosted by Idaho Public Television.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to the contest between the two candidates.  Kevin Miller plays an audio clip of Hillary Clinton defending the behavior of Bill Clinton while he was president.  The former Secretary of State says that President Clinton was right not to resign after his affair with then intern Monica Lewinsky; 7:30am – Fox News Radio’s Simon Owen has the latest on the murder of a reporter by the Saudi government ; 8 a.m. – Author Travis Smith expands on his book, Superhero Ethics.

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