Six months ago, Idaho Democrats felt confident about their chances to continue their blue growth throughout the Gem State. The state Republican Party was underfunded, and the state's biggest county, Ada, was disorganized at best. The Democrats were looking to continue their two to one majority on the Ada County Commission.

That was then, and this is now. The Ada County Commission will once again have a Republican Majority. The big race was the seat held by Diana Lachiondo. She raised an incredible amount of money and never stopped working from her election two years ago. Local experts predicted a comfortable victory for her. If she won, we could see her eventually running for higher office. That scenario will not be the case for quite some time.
The combination of a unified Republican Party and President Trump on the ballot was too much for Lachiondo to overcome.

Throw in her comments about mask mandates and impact fees, and well the voters decided they wanted to go in a different direction.
Perennial Democrat candidate Paulette Jordan once again disappointed the Democratic faithful. Her vote total didn't move the needle pass the thirty-something percent that would vote for anyone regardless of the candidate's time spent campaigning.

The Republican Resurgence credit goes to the local activists that decided they didn't want Idaho turning blue. Their sacrifice of time, effort, and money hasn't gone unnoticed. We cannot say this enough to you, THANK YOU! Ada County citizens and Idahoans will now have a say in how their state is governed.


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