Last Friday, three members of the KIDO Talk Radio Team drove from Boise to Caldwell.  I know, hardly breaking news on any front.However, our mission was to map a safe and direct path from Boise to Caldwell.  I've personally felt that the Treasure Valley needs to send a message of unity.  The outside world is crazy right now.  Watching the news can lead to a lot of anxiety.  Thankfully, we don't live in one of those places where you have to fear for your safety.  Or that vilify the police.

So why walk from Boise to Caldwell?  I thought to myself that it's the little steps that add up to big changes.  Why not show folks that whether you live in one part of the Treasure Valley and my not frequently travel to another part of the Treasure Valley, we're all the same.  We share the same values and we love our country.  Thank you if you stopped by or gave me a honk!  God Bless and Keep the Faith!

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