The Idaho Vandals won two games in a row for the first time in two years.  Is this a trend?  The Vandals beat Louisiana Monroe 27-13 according to CBS Sports.  The game was highlighted by Matt Linehan’s three touchdown passes.  The win was much bigger than the final score.  It could help the program focus on winning games instead of battling bad headlines.  It hasn’t been easy being a proud member of Vandal Nation.  As the old saying goes, winning cures all ills.

The ills have been strong against the Vandals lately.  It’s never good when your AD and Head Coach have to appear before the press to defend their behavior.  Or when a mystery emailer plants stories across campus and around the country attacking the program.  When you're winning it forces the press to cover the positive.  Now Vandal Nation has some positives.

Let’s hope the team can put together a few more wins.  For the students, the players, and for Vandal Nation.