There will be several candidates for the Republican nominee for Idaho's Lieutenant Governor.  If you're unsure of who they are, click here for their information.The following candidates running for office are in no particle order.  The list below contains a brief bio and background on who's running for lieutenant governor.

Senator Marv Hagedorn is a Navy Veteran who grew up in Northern Idaho.  He is a successful businessman who hopes to bring his experience to Boise.  He is a champion of supporting veterans.

Senator Bob Nonini is an Idaho Native who has served in the house and senate. The senator is an advocate for education having served as chairman of the education committee.

Janice McGeachin is a former state representative who was a Trump Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention.  She is a successful businesswoman who was Chairman of the Health & Welfare Committee.

Steve Yates is the former Chairman of the Idaho State Republican Party.  He served in the Bush Administration working for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Representative Kelley Packer has received the endorsement of the Idaho Statesman.  She is a successful business woman who endorses limited spending.


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