The world's largest brick and mortar retailer Walmart has decided that they will no longer sell handguns.  The retail giant says this decision is in response to the multiple mass shootings in America. Walmart also announced that it will restrict ammo says as well.   On Tuesday, Walmart announced major changes to its firearms policies, starting with officially ending the sale of handguns.

The retailer will also stop selling certain types of ammunition, and will no longer allow customers to carry weapons inside the store. In a letter to associates, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon referenced last month's mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, saying "It's clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable." Walmart had already done away with handgun sales in every state except for Alaska.

The company will continue to sell long-barrel hunting rifles and shotguns. The NRA and other national and local gun groups have denounced this move.  Most experts say that gun sales will rise at local and regional gun stores.  National political leaders say they will introduce gun control legislation once Congress returns to work.  Republicans and Democrats have different ideas on how to solve the problem of mass shootings.  Assault weapons and background checks are some of the proposals being discussed in Washington DC.

Do you agree with the new policies?  Will Walmart face any political blow back from the decision?  Do 'gun-free' zones prevent shootings?

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