Emotions ran high recently at a meeting of the Nampa School Board that was held to discuss the future of the district's mask mandate and whether it was time to end it. The CDC told us that vaccinated folks do not need to wear the mask. Mask mandates have been a polarizing issue. The Idaho Statesman reports on how the meeting was quickly disbanded, and the police took over.

Once the members left, the state Nampa Police took over to secure the stage area. Several folks in attendance took to shouting messages against keeping the mandate in schools. Some folks held signs urging folks to recall the Nampa School Board members.

Photo Courtesy YouTube

The incident in Nampa underscores the frustration Idahoans have faced since the Covid rules. Residents took to the stage, creating their town hall meeting. Folks began making speeches and taking questions from the remaining crowd. One young lady from Ukraine shared her concerns that the American Dream is being taken away from America. She said she's fighting for her five-year-old son not to wear the mask. "All they care about is money," she said.

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Some local districts like Middleton have lifted their mask mandates for schools. Boise has announced that it will keep its mask mandate in place, reports KTVB. The good news is that the school year will be over in the next two weeks for most area schools. Let's hope that next year debates over mask mandates are a topic covered in history books.   You can watch the meeting in the following videos below.

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