The Professional Bull Riders rocked Nampa, Idaho, last week as the state of Idaho continues its road to recovery from the Covid lockdowns. The Ford Idaho Center was halfway filled with die-hard PBR fans that weren't disappointed with the action between the boys and the bulls. If you didn't make it to the event last week, we've complied a series of some of the best rides thanks to the PBR Twitter feed.  The first video is of the world famous bull/athlete named Smooth Wreck.  Let's see if he lives up to his name in Nampa.  Fortunately the rider was not hurt in the brief ride on big Smooth.

How do you perform when it's all on the line?  Andrew Alvidez had to stay on the bull for at least 8 seconds, easier said than done, to stay in the game.  There is no team in bull riding or injured reserve.  You are a team of one.

What does a winner look like?  Check out the video below to find out how you ride a gazillion pound bull and live to tell about it.  Here's the winner of the event Kaique Pacheco with the ride of the night.

How does a someone celebrate a great ride?  Check out the video below:

Just how tough is it to ride a bull in Nampa, Idaho?  See below:

 So who won?

Here's the top four winners and how much money they won in Nampa:

1st. Kaique Pacheco 125 points $25,431.87

2nd Jose Vitor Leme   90 points $16,151.58

3rd Dener Barbosa     71 points $13,399.48

4th Joao Ricardo Vieira 63 points $10,469.93

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