Today's guests : 6 a.m. – David Bozell of For America with analysis on current political events.  Kevin Miller and David Bozell look at the state of the presidency under fire by the liberals in Congress.  Kevin Miller and Davide Bozell look at what's next for Congress.  They discuss the president's budget.  Mr. Bozell tells Kevin Miller how the Republican minority in the House will fight the Democrats over their subpoenas.  ; 7 a.m. – Former Las Vegas radio talk show host Heidi Harris joins Kevin for a frank discussion of the issues of the day.  Kevin Miller and Heidi Harris look at the role of social conservatism in today's political world.  Mrs. Harris looks at some of the mistakes the president has made in his dealings with North Korea.  Kevin Miller and Heidi Harris look at all the potential Democratic presidential candidates running in 2020.  Kevin Miller looks at a proposal by House Democrats to lower the voting age to 16 nationally.  ; 8 a.m. – Author and terrorism expert Robert Spencer reviews what’s covered in his books and on his website,  Mr. Spencer details the terror threats from Iran, Syria, Iraq and other countries to Kevin Miller.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Spence discuss the latest on ISIS and Al Queda.  Kevin Miller and Robert Spencer describe what happened to our foriegn policy under foreign policy under former President Obama.

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