Kevin hosts Homeschool Idaho, as part of his Spring "Promote Our Schools - Secure Our Future" campaign to promote education. Interviews with homeschool parents and students as well as the chair of that organization. Kevin Miller shifts gears to a topic that has captured the nation's attention.  A Navy SEAL accused of killing a wounded ISIS fighter, along with other crimes, has been released ahead of his court-martial. Chief Eddie Gallagher was set free Thursday from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego and there are reports President Trump is considering pardoning him.The defense is trying to get all charges dismissed, arguing that the prosecution spied on them.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who believe that Gallagher should be pardoned.  Other guests today: 6:45 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland covers the rift between House Democrats and the president ; 7:35 a.m. – Also from Fox, Jeff Monosso has the latest on the severe weather outbreak in parts of the country ; 8:35 a.m. - Fox News' Jared Halpern reports live from Capitol Hill on an important Supreme Court decision.  Kevin Miller looks at the latest campaign news from the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates.   Senator Bernie Sanders says that the DNC is once again plotting against him.  Kevin Miller reports on a request from the Reverend Franklin Graham that Sunday should be a national day of prayer for President Trump.

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