Kevin remembers September 11, 2001....Kevin Miller begins the program by reviewing what has changed in America since September 11th, 2001.  The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and throughout the world.  The Congressional legislation known as the 'Patriot Act.'  The loss of thousands of brave Americans who went to war to save humanity from the evil despicable terrorists known as Al Quada and now ISIS.

Kevin Miller shares his reflections of being on the air that day as the attacks happened.  He shared his firsthand experience of watching and wondering where President Bush was during the day.  The calming reassurance that the president echoed to the nation upon his return to the capitol that night.

Kevin Miller described what it was like to be the first local host in America to go and broadcast from Ground Zero outside of the city of New York.  He spoke about the selfless volunteers who donated their  time, money, prayers, and everything they had to help rebuild the American Spirit.

Kevin Miller played audio clips from that day and reminded the KIDO Talk Radio audience that it is our duty never to forget.  He explained to the folks that it is their patriotic duty to continue to educate the young people about the events of September 11th 2001.  Kevin Miller took no calls today and ended the program with a heartfelt thanks to all who have and continue to give to our great nation.

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