Kevin Miller begins today's show by reporting on the latest concerning Judge Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump's declaration that men are in trouble because of the today's climate.  Kevin Miller takes calls from Treasure Valley listeners expressing their view that the presumption of innocence has been lost in today's politically correct world.  Kevin Miller shares the recent campaign ' forum' at the College of Idaho featuring a discussion of state issues between Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Paulette Jordan and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Lieutenant Governor Brad Little.  Kevin Miller continues to express his belief that the Jordan Campaign in done.  He takes calls from several listeners who point out that the race is still not over.  Today's guests: 7:10am - "Cliven Bundy: American Patriot" author Mike Stickler says his book tour stops in Idaho this week ; 8 a.m. - William Gheen of ALIPAC says being a Conservative is close to being illegal in some parts of the Country.

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