Kevin Miller begins the show with reporting on the latest concerning the budget negotiations.   Kevin Miller believes that President Trump will not sign a budget deal unless there is funding for the wall.  He takes calls from listeners expressing their opinions on the air.

Kevin Miller reports on the North Idaho man who is being prosecuted for a hate crime and a misdemeanor assault.  Several folks express their frustration for the state of Idaho prosecuting Mr. Sovenski.  Kevin Miller looks at whether or not the jury will convict Mr. Sovenski.

The case of the transgender inmate continues during the Kevin Miller Show.  He hears from listeners who do not want the state of Idaho to pay for the sex change operation of a convicted criminal.  Several listeners are challenging the state of Idaho to appeal the decision of the US District Court.

Kevin Miller looks at the challenge of the Christmas Season and pontificates on how we should all be more in the spirit of Christmas.

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