A group of parents in the West Ada School District have organized an effort to make mask-wearing optional during the upcoming school year. 

Last year was more than challenging for the district as it had to face the challenges of COVID, the resignation of board members, the superintendent, and defending against a lawsuit.  

The group's founder, Noel O'Shea, expressed her displeasure to KTVB, "I'm a little disappointed on how things are going for the West Ada School District right now. There should be an option for safety in schools, in person, for all." 

In addition to that report, the group has begun to recruit new members actively. We've obtained a copy of their email and have received permission to share it with you below:

The fight has just begun to keep our children in West Ada out of masks. Please help us support incoming West Ada School Board super intendant Dr. Derek Bub in his fight to keep masks optional for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year. Mask needs to be optional, and the decision to mask or not to mask is left up to the parents and children of West Ada. Below are a few FACTS that need to be known:

 - There have been ZERO deaths of 0-18 year olds in the state of Idaho.

 - There is NO evidence backed by scientific data that masks prevent viral transmission.

 - There IS decades of scientific data to support that masks DO NOT prevent viral spread.

 - The only masks that even stand a chance of preventing viral transmission are professionally fitted N95 or greater masks. Medical professionals are required to have a fit test on N95 masks biannually. Part of that fittest are detecting taste and smell that could enter the poor fitting mask. So to put our children in paper or cloth masks is laughable with regards to their effectiveness.

 - The world wore masks for 18 months with masks proving to be ineffective.

 - Private schools throughout the country stayed open last year, most mask-less and without issue.

 - Scientific research is showing that children are not spreaders of the virus contrary to what the media is telling us.

 I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. There is zero data to support masking our children. 

To join the fight, please go to: www.westadaparents.com

We will continue to report on this story and keep you updated as the story continues to develop. Boise Schools have decreed that masks will not be optional for staff and students.

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