To those of us that work for a living, it must be nice to have a gig like Congress.  You talk a lot and do nothing.  Let's see how most of us justify our work existence.  We go to work for a set amount of time and have to produce results.  If we don't produce results in real time, then we usually don't have a job.  If only we have the safety of a seat in the House or Senate.

Unlike most Americans, Congress really hasn't shown up for work or produced a return on the investment.  Although, time is running out for the do nothing Congress.  Our country is literally running out of money.  Congress must pass a funding bill called a continuing resolution or the government will shut down.  We've been there before and it hasn't been pretty.  There's also the thought of passing another stimulus package.  Currently, there's a stalemate on Capitol Hill.

However, there could be a breakthrough if both sides are willing to make a deal.  A bipartisan group of 50 centrist lawmakers are expected to present a $1.5 trillion COVID relief bill, hoping that Democrats and Republicans will return to the negotiating table reports the New York Times. The Problem Solvers Caucus package will include another round of $1200 stimulus checks, unemployment insurance at $450 a week for eight weeks and aid to cities and states, like $100 billion for COVID-19 testing.  $25 billion would go to rental and mortgage assistance, according to The Hill. Several lawmakers are frustrated that both sides have yet to compromise on a bill as infections continue in a struggling economy.


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