It's time once again for our annual look at how we define love just in time for Valentine's Day. The inspiration for this article came from a column I read from Dick Feagler. Mr. Feagler was a local writer and columnist in Ohio who passed away last year.

This week we will be celebrating Valentines Day, where well-meaning romantics- or romantics at heart will spend their hard earned dollars to show their affection. It will be a bonanza for flower shops, restaurants, jewelers and other retail outlets. It's a beautiful experience to receive gifts and feel appreciated.

However, there are so many ways to show real love. For me, love is something that happens without a condition or a gift.

Love is the spouse who cares silently for their partner while fighting a deadly disease. Love is the person who volunteers at the animal shelter doing what is necessary to save lives whether it's cleaning kennels or fostering animals.

Acts of unconditional love happen everyday, without fanfare or praise. How many times do we see the parent picking up not only their kids, but everyone's kids after school? Love is the parent or grandparent that works the extra job so their kid can have a new pair of shoes.

Love is seeing the world through a child's eyes and putting their needs ahead of yours. Love is the tutor who volunteers to help kids read.

Love is being the person to say no. Who endures the tears knowing the easy way is not the best way.

This week we celebrate Valentines Day. However, acts of love happen every day. I want to thank all those who give love daily whether you're collecting cards, going out to dinner, or staying home. Thank you for making a difference. We're all the better because of you.


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