Have you seen the packages of Chinese Seeds on social media?  It's a strange phenomenon that Americans are receiving packages of seed in their mailboxes.  Considering the news coming out of China today, several folks have wondered what are in the seeds and are they dangerous?  Just what types of seeds are in these unsolicited packages?  Are they harmless or harmful?  Well, the  USDA has identified some of the seeds reports, Fox News.  The mysterious seeds that have turned up in mailboxes across the United States have been identified.

The Department of Agriculture says that some of the packages are from China.  They contain a collection  of mustard, cabbage and morning glory seeds.  Other packages have a mix of mix of rosemary, sage, mint, and lavender seeds. T

Folks across the country worried that the seed might contain some-type of plant that could be harmful to our crops in America. You can read more about the seed here from the USDA.

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