There was an old television commercial that aired in 1984 for Wendy's made famous by the saying 'Where's the Beef?'  It featured a group of ladies wanting to know where the beef was in their hamburgers.  You can view the video below.

In honor of the new stimulus bill, we present you with 'where's the pork?'  Sadly there's a lot of pork in the recent bill that passed both houses of Congress and was signed by President Trump last week. Most folks just want to know when they'll get their checks, however, you'll want to read what else is in the bill.   You’ve probably heard about those stimulus checks we are all supposed to get or about deferment on student loan payments but did you also know that these measures were passed in the bill, too?

Democrats added language so that none of the stimulus money can go towards building a wall between the United States and Mexico. Republicans added a measure that would promote sexual abstinence. The government thought about preventing businesses from adding any negative reports to your credit for four months during the outbreak until banking and credit bureau lobbyists convinced them that would be a bad idea.

The big money lobbyists say that we should have full access to credit in the future. There was a step towards gender equality with the stimulus package, though. Ladies, you can now use money from your Health Savings Account to pay for tampons and other menstrual care products, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Do you think we need to hear about the other measures that were passed in the stimulus package?

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