Higher than normal gas prices are back in the Gem State.  Why gas prices are going up and why buying gas in Idaho is not cheap.  The photo above was taken in Arizona, not Idaho.  That's why the prices are lower that what you see when trying to fill up in the Treasure Valley.

Did you know that the national average for a gallon of gas is $2.60, according to our friends at AAA.  The average price per gallon in Idaho is $2.91.  The good news continues with gas prices at 2.98 in Ada and Canyon Counties.  Eventually higher gas prices will impact our great quality of life.  So what's the solution?

Politicians seem to ignore the issue of higher gas prices when asked repeatedly by their constituents about why prices are so high.  Usually we get the same old tired talking points that 'Idaho is isolated, we don't have enough refineries, and we have only the pipeline from Salt Lake as our own source of gasoline.

However Idaho, and specifically the Treasure Valley, is one of the fastest growing areas in the country.  The same 'old' answers will not be sufficient if Idaho want to continue to enlarge its population.  Let's demand that our politicians, you know the ones that are running the nonstop commercials on radio and television, offer real solutions to real problems.

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