Boise and the Treasure Valley are continuing to take on winter weather challenges, bringing forth the ever-present challenge of snow removal. In the midst of this, while residents are very grateful for snowplows, they also face concerns about damage done to vehicles and other property like mailboxes.

Snowfall in mid-January is not uncommon, and snowplows diligently work to keep the streets clear. You can read here for their processes and a list of priority roads they clear first. But in the somewhat rare event that a snowplow damages a mailbox, who is at fault?

According to the Idaho Transportation Department in District 3 – Southwest Idaho, such incidents are infrequent in Boise but can occur a few times each winter. An ITD representative in the Information and Road Maintenance Department shared with us...

“It’s always treated as a case-by-case scenario because obviously it depends on whether or not the incident happened on a local road, a private road, or a highway. But it’s pretty typical for the snowplow driver who runs into the mailbox to cover it."

So, surprisingly, snowplow drivers in Boise take responsibility for the damage, inform the owner, offers their apologies, and then personally covers the cost of replacement.

This unexpected answer showcases the commitment of snowplow drivers to address unforeseen issues during their operations, maintaining open communication and ensuring residents are not burdened by the consequences of snow removal.

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ACHD on Facebook

*** The Idaho Transportation Department and Ada County Highway District are urging residents to avoid parking cars on neighborhood streets. Doing so may prevent your street from being plowed, or worse, increases the risk of damages to both vehicles and plows.

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