The drama of the Democratic Presidential Primary returns Tuesday with 6 states deciding who will be their pick to take on President Trump.  Last week, the press said Biden was down and then came the Big Joe Tsunami.  As the nation focuses on every state but Idaho, let's explain why the Gem State is Bernie Country.  For one thing, Bernie is the returning champion of Idaho.  He routed Hillary Clinton last time and the Bernie faithful haven't forgotten their guy.  Local folks gathered recently for a 'Bernfest March' that drew hundreds to the event.

Idaho is not a state dominated by senior Democrats that have influence with the majority of the party.  We saw that in 2018 when AJ Balukoff was beaten by a relatively unknown state representative named Paulette Jordan.  She appealed to the young voters who fit the Sanders' profile.

The only senior political Democrat that has some political influence is former Boise Mayor Dave Beiter who recently lost to a younger Democrat.   The political waves favor the young who tend to vote for Big Bernie.  The same people who are supporting Biden, supported Beiter and we all know how that turned out.

Perhaps the endless local levies will help 'Uncle Joe' with voter turnout.  Although, I see a passion deficit between the Biden folks and the Bernies.  Is 'I can get rid of Donald Trump' a viable campaign mission statement?   It didn't work for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Idaho is a red state that has a limited, yet growing, passionate blue Democratic base that's perfect for Bernie Sanders.  Stay tuned true believers!

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