It finally had to happen, and last week it was disclosed that the Big 12, that's  just ten teams, will expand perhaps by as many as four teams.  What's different from this year's list of usual suspects of potential members is college football's favorite underdog, Boise State.   Let's face it, in life and college football; bigger isn't necessarily better. Boise State would do well to avoid the clamoring to move to the Big 12 for one basic reason, money. For Boise State to become a full-time member of the Big 12, the university would have to spend millions to expand its athletic programs. Academics and geography would be the other two major hurdles. Most schools in the Power Five Conferences have a higher academic rating than BSU. Plus do we want to see how many diehard BSU Fans will travel to Morgantown West Virginia in late December?

Cincinnati, Memphis, UConn, and BYU are the top contenders. The Bearcats and the Tigers have been lobbying the Big 12 higher-ups for years to gain admission. There's been talk that Proctor and Gamble, Cinncinatti, and Fed Fed, Memphis, have offered to offset the cost of expansion. UConn would help the league in the Northeast and BYU, is well, BYU.

Boise State just adds a great football team that continues to defy the odds. The only way Big 12 expansion works for the Broncos is a football-only member along with BYU. I can't see that happening considering the Big 12 has SEC/Big10 envy. Let's keep our rivalries and our dominance within the Mountain West Conference for now. However if the Pac 12 called.