If you're new to Idaho, you might be tempted to think that a successful Republican does not govern Idaho but a liberal Democrat like we see in Washington and Oregon.

The Republican Primary has at least six people who've declared their run against Governor Little. The governor has yet to announce reelection, but he's already raised $500,000, so we predict it's a safe bet that he will run again.

It depends on who you talk to when it comes to how folks feel about the condition of the Gem State. Idaho's economy is one of the national leaders, and we have more money in the state coffers than in recent state history. Some Conservatives believe the state could do better with a new governor. To quote the comedian Larry David, "Idaho is looking pretty, pretty, good compared to Oregon and Washington.   Unlike Inslee or Brown, Governor Little did not issue a mask or a vaccination mandate.  


The local and national media roundly criticized him for not dictating an order. Inslee has fired his criticism at Idaho for not clamping down as he has in Washington. One of the reasons why Governor Little didn't issue a mandate is that he rightly knew they would escalate an already tense situation. The state of Washington is in a state of upheaval as thousands of public workers, police officers, and medical professionals are being fired for not following the Washington governor's vaccination or terminating orders.


How does firing these frontline workers win the trust of the people? It doesn't as we continue to see the results of Inslee's poor leadership.   Like him or not, agree with him or not, Governor Little has guided this state through some challenging times. Can anyone in Idaho state that they'd rather have Brown or Inslee at the helm?

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