The announcement that Boise State Wrestling was ending their program was meant to be easy.  A few days of comments on talk radio and social media and then we move on to Boise State Baseball.  Refreshingly, that hasn't happened. The Boise State high command decided without warning, or discussions that baseball was in and wrestling was out.
Dr. Bob Kustra in a written statement said, "I appreciate that wrestlers and their families want to petition, but this isn’t a decision that is revocable. This is the final decision. We have to move forward."
So much for higher education and the student-athlete. I was struck by how much the media seem to embrace the BSU talking points about the Broncos creating a baseball team from scratch and playing at an alleged downtown arena. Have sponsorship packages and luxury boxes replaced accountability, responsibility, and buy-in from the community?
I didn't know that college presidents and athletic directors are CEOs and COOs running multi-million dollar corporations. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the priority of colleges and universities is to educate its students, not promote imaginary teams and the expense of others.
If BSU wants to run like a business, then let it pay taxes like all businesses. It's troubling that the administration appears to be tone deaf from the outcry to keep wrestling at Boise State. University presidents are not all-powerful and do answer to the state board.
I'd be troubled if I were a board member on how casually wrestling was discarded considering its history and impact in the gem state. My first question to Dr. Kustra would be 'why? And why so quick without any feedback? Who knows whether or not a baseball team will happen? Also, the raises to the football coaches within same period begs the question, what is going on at Boise State?
Do students, faculty, alumni, and community members have a say? Or is it Dr. Kustra's way or the highway? Most in the media have moved on and forgotten about the story. That's a mistake.
The state wrestling community is united in its mission to save BSU Wrestling. They cite the program's history and success with young, and not so young men, in molding character and the value of education.
Isn't that what college is all about?
If you'd like to support the effort save Boise State Wrestling, you can join their facebook group and attend the rally at the State Board of Education building ( 650 W. State Street Boise State) this Saturday from 12 p.m.- 1 p.m.

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