We've all heard and seen the commercials on radio and television about getting lower car insurance. However, have you ever wondered why rates in the Gem State continue to rise?

According to a report in the Idaho Business Review, rates in Idaho have increased by 16.1 percent, while the national average grew by 22 percent. So why do prices continue to rise? Is it texting, distracted driving, too many young drivers?
Kenton Brine, president of NW Insurance Council, tells the IBR that's it the number of mobile devices that's the issue. “It is also clear that distracted driving — particularly smartphone use while behind the wheel — is causing more crashes and injuries,” Brine said.
So how do we avoid higher insurance costs? It all goes back to that driver's ed class that we took in high school. Respect the road and drive defensively.
Cars are dangerous vehicles. We can't take if for granted that most people abide by the rules of the road. So we have to be extra vigilante and more attentive. That includes working on our hair and makeup and hair at home and not in the car. Eating at the restaurant, not while on I-84 or any other road while driving a moving vehicle.
Finally, not trying to have a conversation or using a cell phone while driving. I'm sure whoever needs to hear from you will understand that we all need to focus on road safety and the conversation can wait. For all our sakes, and the lower car insurance rates.

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