We're halfway through our Spring 2018 Miller's Mission efforts benefiting the Boise Rescue Mission. It's not too late to make a difference. Here are a few thoughts on why you should take the drive to the Nampa Walmart on Garrity and Franklin. How many of us can look back on our lives and thank God that we had a guardian angel, a safety net, a relative or someone who cared about us? Can you remember a time in your life, or as a child, when you were disappointed?  For most of us, it was a lost job, a toy we didn't get, or a relationship that fizzled.

In the Treasure Valley, the safety net is the Boise Rescue Mission.  They are that relative, guardian angel, and safety net all rolled into one. The Rescue Mission relies on local donations not funded by the state or federal governments.  Their faith-based approach continues to save lives daily.  Won't you join them in making a difference today?  I'm looking forward to seeing you in Nampa.  I'll be here until 6 p.m. Saturday night.

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