It happens every year in November.  The weather gets colder and families are looking for food and shelter.  I wish we all had access to take care of all the people in need.

Many years ago, after losing my job right before Christmas, I came very close to losing my home and being homeless.  If not for the generosity of my parents, I would've been on the street.  I've never forgotten that anxiety of wondering where my next meal would come from and what I could do to help others.

I reached out to the folks at the Boise Rescue Mission to experience first hand how they take care of our brothers and sisters.  I broadcasted the show and lived at the River of Life Shelter for a week.  It made me appreciate what your giving means to folks in need.

We started asking folks for turkeys during our week at the mission.  We collected twenty turkeys in 2011.  Last year, over 1,700 turkeys were donated plus over 2,000 in tax deductible cash donations.  Our fall campaign now includes a spring one as well because the homeless problem doesn't end in the summer.

Collectively, both Miller's Missions have raised over 500,000 in cash, food and items given in six years.

So I dress up every year as a turkey to make people laugh and gently promote folks to give to the Boise Rescue Mission.  Please consider stopping by and donating next week at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  I'll be living in the parking lot from Monday to Sunday.

Here's our latest video with Reverend Bill.  Enjoy and God Bless.

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