The world we live in can be overwhelming sometimes. Heck, turn on the radio, TV, social media; it's all negative. Fifty-two years ago Hollywood Actor Chuck Connors realized that America needed a positive message. The Vietnam War was going on. People were protesting the war. Lyndon Johnson was president of the country trying to pass a civil rights agenda. The bad news was the only news, and that's when AM Radio was king, and there were only three TV channels on the air.

Mr. Connors decided to create a movement celebrating God and Country. It began in Nampa, Idaho. This Tuesday we will all come together to honor God and Country. Like 1966, we need that unifying message of faith, family, freedom. Whether you're a fan of music or inspiration speeches, the Treasure Valley God and Country Festival is for you.

This free event reminds us how special we are to live in America, where we have the freedom to worship freely. How many countries can say that? How many states have a God and Country Festival? There's only one, in Nampa, Idaho. A night of free fun and patriotism and that's before the free fireworks.

For more information on the 52nd Annual God and Country Festival click the link here.

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