Idaho is not the fastest-growing state in the country; we're number two according to the latest census. The following is a list of reasons why Idaho is not the place for you.

Idaho is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. That means we have no homes for you to live in. According to the Wall Street Journal, if you think Boise is the place to be, you're wrong. You can find out what city in Idaho is the hottest city for real estate by clicking the link here. If you want to live in the Boise area, otherwise known as the Treasure Valley, you'd better have a lot of money because rents and the price of purchasing a home are out of control.

You're not going to make a lot of money in Idaho. The Gem State ranks near the top of states with the most minimum wage jobs. Folks that want to live here have learned to work two or three jobs to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Idaho is an excellent place if you're old and retired. We're full of folks who've worked in California who spend their last days here. The Gem State has senior centers, golf courses, and bath refinishers. No nightlife here, and if we did, the mayor of Boise would close them due to health concerns.

If you're looking for political diversity, Idaho is not the state for you to live move to for a two-party system. The Idaho Republican Party is so dominant that neither national party spends money to influence congressional elections. We don't get a lot of political visits from the political supernovas.

Have you heard the term wide open spaces? Idaho does have wide-open spaces outside of civilization. If you want to live near a school, church, or a shopping center, then get ready to spend a lot of time in your car.

Our brilliant leaders have built too many homes and not enough roads to service our exploding population. The translation takes you twice as long to get from point A to point B as it did two years ago. Have the developers stopped building? Nope, more home equals more insanity in the Gem State.

Whether you're moving to a new home or a new state, education is one of the significant factors influencing where you live. Our state school system under delivers in providing Idaho kids a proper education. We're far from the top when it comes to student performance in standardized testing.

Idaho does routinely rank at the top when it comes to the cost of gasoline. If you're looking to fill up that big truck or RV, you'll pay more for it in Idaho.

Finally, if you like the weed, the Gem State is the last state to say no to legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use.  Dope smokers drive to Oregon to get their toke fix.

Please feel free to share with your friends in California, Oregon, Washington, and other liberal enclaves. I hear there's a lot of open available real estate in California.  My original list written four years ago.

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