Recently the Idaho Legislature voted down a resolution to defund state funding of Idaho Public Television. The vote was 2-16 during a meeting of the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, reports the Idaho Press. Almost 3 million dollars passed another motion that increases funding. Idaho taxpayers pay nearly 10 million dollars to fund 'free' Idaho Public Television.

Supporters of Idaho Public Television say that its programming is educational and nonpartisan. PBS has long been criticized nationally for its one-sided approach to covering issues. Republicans have failed at the national level to cut funding for public television.

Do we need tax dollars to fund public television and radio? The objective answer is no. The dirty little secret concerning state-sponsored radio and tv is that they do an excellent job supporting their operations. How many days or weeks do we hear and see the endless fundraising marathons? Call now and donate to keep up on the air! If you value this program, please send us money or else!

Advocates will say that public broadcasters cannot sell commercials, so they need our money and have to beg for it on their air. However, commercials are not allowed on public broadcasting; public broadcasters solicit or sell funding through grants and fundraisers. They compete against commercial broadcasters who do not have the benefit of an annual taxpayer-funded bailout.

How can Idaho Public Television and Radio objectively cover the Idaho Legislature if that's their funding source? They can't, and that's the truth. The entire state would benefit from Idaho Public Television and Radio living in the real world and not forcing Idaho Taxpayers to fund their plan.


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