Cliven Bundy was hailed as a hero to the West and all Americans.  Now a few days after some unfortunate comments, the same 'conservatives' are condemning him.  Mr. Bundy's comments have helped take the focus off the real issue, whether or not the BLM should be confiscating cattle. That's why I'm heading down to Nevada this weekend and will be at the Bundy Ranch.  Anyone can play a sound clip and condemn, but what about the truth?  Our plan is to talk to the folks at the ranch, the people who have come from all over the country, and law enforcement.  We'll let you decide who is telling the truth.  Some folks have dismissed this case because of the videos featuring Mr. Bundy.

The first amendment does protect people from saying politically incorrect things.  A video should never distract from the overreaching arm of government.  That's where our focus will be, who is telling the truth?  Mr. Bundy or the BLM?  Many of our friends in the press believe the story is over.  I believe it has just begun.  If they roll Bundy, then perhaps it's a farmer or rancher in Idaho that loses their livelihood.  We cannot let that happen.

The feds control and say they own 62% of the Gem State.  Are they managing that area effectively?  How about oil and natural gas drilling?  How about returning the timber industry to Idaho?   Returning our lands will bring jobs and a lot less forest fires in the Summer.

Friday morning, during the morning show,  I asked you if you wanted me to go to the Bundy Ranch.  You replied that yes, you wanted me to go find out the truth.

We're not looking for attention, but hope to highlight the real folks that stand up for our rights.  That's why we're going to the Bundy Ranch.  Join us as we search for the truth and profile the real heroes and villains of the West.


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